For a healthy and balanced lifestyle it is ideal to consume products that have not undergone heat treatment in the manufacturing process. Our ingredients are carefully selected and the Vaida products are of the highest quality in order to offer a wide range of benefits to our body. We believe in a healthy lifestyle and eating unprocessed food, while remaining concerned about the body health, an optimal lifestyle and sports. Therefore, our range of products has both cold-pressed oils, and powders (green barley, maca, reishi etc) that are ideal both for athletes and for people who want to maintain or follow a Paleolithic diet.

We want to offer:

  • – quality products
  • – tips
  • – Seriousness and transparency

With a market experience of over 10 years, our company aims to promote local products from the region of Transylvania and other regions of the country through the Vaida brand by coming on the market with a wide range of products such as: bee products and cold-pressed oils and it will expand its product portfolio with natural tinctures, creams, teas, supplements and various natural cosmetics for the ladies.

We have already been successful in the expansion of the product range and we are offering our customers high-quality products. These include, for example, products for specific applications such as hair oil (a combination of 10 cold-pressed 100% natural oils, oil for stretching marks, beard oil etc.)

If you would like to know more about our products, please let us know! We are always at your service for any open questions.