Honey is known from ancient times for its special properties. It not only a natural sweetener but a truly yellow gold containing beside antioxidants, vitamins and amino acids also enzymes and minerals that prevent cellular aging.

Honey is known for its tonic and energy providing properties and the nutrients that are found in honey are easily assimilated by our body. contributes to the various symptoms of cold, is known that in combination with propolis and lemon it has a natural calming effect. However, to maintain its properties it is not recommended to mix honey with hot liquids.

Propolis is also known for its antiseptic effect which makes it a perfect ingredient in combination with honey. Its properties are truly miraculous being effective in various conditions .

Pollen is also a very important element which offers a variety of nutrients to our body, it is considered one of the most complex food elements. It is a product rich in proteins, amino acids, vitamins, and folic acid. The regular consumption of pollen is recommended to maintain tone, energy and nutritional balance. Pollen is also considered a good tonic and also a powerful stimulator of cell regeneration .

Among the products we do have outstanding ones such as: the bee honey syrup with sea-buckthorn and propolis, a very good antioxidant and tonic, cranberry honey, dry pollen and syrup with honey and black radish. No product was heat treated!