We know very well that a quality oil that retains all the nutrients is the one cold-pressed. Therefore we come with a wide range of oils for daily consumption. The Vaida Oils are all cold pressed and 100% natural and they contain many vitamins and antioxidants. Among the most important vitamins present are A, E, B1, B2 and C, substances such as niacin and the fatty acids Omega (3, 6, 9, and especially one of the rare ones Omega 7) very beneficial to the good functioning of the body. Oils have antioxidant properties, making them suitable for the daily consumption or in applications in the cosmetic area, due to the high content of vitamin E . Therefore such oils are of high quality in comparison to  conventional products because they are 100% natural and cold pressed.

Cold-pressed oils offer many benefits compared to refined ones. They are ideal for daily use in various combinations, for example on salads and help regulate our body naturally. Among the products with a wide range of remarkable benefits is: flax oil, hemp oil, sea buckthorn oil, pumpkin seed oil or grape seed oil, apricot and almond oil, tha last one as an important helper maintaining skin elasticity.

 Also our range of cold-pressed oils has been enriched with 100% natural, cold-pressed oils from certified organic cultures.